Series Returns to Boston for Game 6

The die have been rolled.

The stage has been set.

As the series returns to Boston I wonder how the Bruins could have played with such a lacklustre effort in Vancouver. They did seem to dominate at times in the game but a careful analysis of the shots by another blogger showed that the majority of the shots came from the outside of the slot.

Basically, the Vancouver Canucks defense corp has returned to form albeit without Hamhuis or Rome.

Roberto Luongo has the swagger in the interview but I find it interesting that people are giving him credit for the win when it was clearly the team that won him the game that night, and not the other way around.

Props to Vancouver for finding a chink in the Tim Thomas armour by shooting it wide and passing it laterally, but if the Bruins can start to bury their chances, it could be a close call for going back to Vancouver for a Game 7.

Zdeno Chara, among others, had a lot of point-blank chances that they shot wide of the net.

The Bruins’ best players need to play like their best players when on the road, not just at home. But let’s not get away from ourselves here. They HAVE to win at home otherwise the Canucks will take the cup in Boston.

So they have to rise to the occasion?

Have they done that? Or are they going to go away from their 82 game season and long playoffs wondering why they were shooting like Tanner Glass?

It’s all or nothing time in Bean Town.

Let’s hope they play like it.

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