Boston Ties Series / Oilers’ Draft Talk

I made my thoughts on the Vancouver Canucks pretty clear last game, so I’m going to leave it at I’m glad that at least Brad Marchand is not going to take crap from anyone and willing to drop the gloves.

Some Canucks could learn something from the smallest player on the ice.


Oilers Willing to Trade #1 Overall

Likely a part of Steve Tambellini’s plan to make the playoffs next year, he has made it clear he is willing to move the pick. What is interesting about this is whether he gets offers because he mentions that the top 5 players are all strong considerations for #1 overall.

The problem with this reasoning?

Owner’s of the other 4 of the top 5 lottery position picks are probably thinking the same thing.

Unless one of the other teams are very interested in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins way more than the player available at their position (not likely) they will not offer very much to move up a couple spots.

Most likely, I believe offers will come from teams outside the top 5, and Columbus being a team that keeps being mentioned. Whether or not Edmonton is willing to move outside the top 5 will be dependent on the makeup of the final list tendered by Stu MacGregor, and the fates of the scouting staffs league-wide. I mean, last year was an anomaly year for defensemen (Fowler being a good example) and how low the Oilers found a guy like Magnus at 10th overall in 2009.

Who knows? Maybe one of those top 5 guys will be available at the Columbus pick.

Better yet, the Ottawa rumours are great.

If the Oilers get Spezza, who although is not a worldbeater in terms of being able to carry a team even though he is a #1 center, will take some of the pressure off of Horcoff. Horcoff has never been the same since he lost all the help at his position (plus the injuries) and although we still haven’t replaced the Jarret Stoll / Kyle Brodziak / etc. role we would at least have a guy who will be a legit NHL top line forward.

Does Ottawa move Spezza?

Not likely, but they have mentioned they want to follow the “Edmonton model” in their rebuild (quixotic choice, if you ask me, since the rebuild was preceded by 4 years of futility and frustration). However Edmonton is much further along in their process, having already gone through two “Fall for Hall” types of seasons.

It does help their chances.

Lastly, a lot of talk about the Hemsky to Columbus rumours.

Hemsky may be injured a lot, but he is a legitimate leader on any team. He carries the offense, and he leads by example. His one weakness might be the powerplay (needs to calm it down a bit) but other than that I can see him rack up some nice assist totals playing on the Nash line.

Worth following.

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